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Lynden Christian Class of 2020 Video

Throughout the year LC Seniors have taken videos to capture their year.  Thank you to senior, Andrew De Vries for putting this fun video together!

God is good

Hi my name is Dylan Kaemingk. Football has always been a part of my life and I started playing when I was 12, When I was in 6th grade, when I joined LC I played football and I was on our high school team for 4 years. My junior and senior year I was fortunate …

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It’s All About Love

It’s about love. At Lynden Christian, the focus of our Kindergarten is love. Will your Kindergartener learn to read and write better? Definitely. Will your Kindergartener learn basic mathematical skills? Certainly. Will your Kindergartener learn through play and social experiences? Of course. But your Kindergartener will also learn about and experience love. Our deep hope …

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Becoming A Bright Light

I and my family have been associated with Lynden Christian Schools for the past 75 years both as a student and teacher and I can truly say it has shaped my life. Often, I am asked whether I would have done something different rather than be a teacher at Lynden Christian and I emphatically say, …

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A Reflection

Hello! My name is Kristin Dick and I am a senior graduating from Lynden Christian High School on June 6 of this year! I have attended LC now for fourteen years and have practically grown up in this school. This school is where I spend most of my time, and I have grown to see …

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Throughline: Worship – HS Senior

Throughout the year, we’ve dove into many different themes and ideas relating to our beliefs and lives. A underlying theme can be found in all the ideas we talked about this semester, this theme is called a throughline. A throughline is essentially a life theme. It is an idea that can be found in every …

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Throughline: Justice Seeker – HS Senior

For my throughline that fits me best, I would say a justice-seeker, which is “acting as agents of change by identifying and responding to injustices.” Someone could live this out if they maintain being a Good Samaritan; it can be an act as simple as breaking up a bully if he’s picking on someone, but …

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Throughline: Servant Worker – HS Senior

The through line that I would say is most me, would be Servant-Worker. This is working to fix brokenness and bring joy. I am the person who wants to fix the things that are wrong so that joy can return to situation. An example of this would be like finding the middle ground in a …

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Throughline: Beauty Creating – HS Senior

A through line is like “velcro” that connects things like facts, skills, and experiences and organizes them so they work together within a certain area. They help answer the question “How then shall I live?” The throughline that I think best defines me is beauty – creating. People with this throughline celebrate God as the …

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Throughline: Image Bearer – HS Senior

The throughline that I connect with is Idolatry Discerner because I understand that when we prioritize the things of things of this world over God we lose valuable time that can shape us. My challenge will be identifying, understanding, and recognising these idols while learning to respond “prophetically.” I know it is easy for everyday …

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