It’s All About Love

It’s about love. At Lynden Christian, the focus of our Kindergarten is love. Will your Kindergartener learn to read and write better? Definitely. Will your Kindergartener learn basic mathematical skills? Certainly. Will your Kindergartener learn through play and social experiences? Of course.

But your Kindergartener will also learn about and experience love. Our deep hope for each Kindergartener is that they will KNOW God loves them. Without a doubt and with that blessed childlike faith. Each Kindergarten teacher I have the honor and privilege of working with loves God whole-heartedly and transfers all that love into each child they greet in their classroom every morning. These teachers shine brightly and share unconditional love freely because of the great love God has shown for them. We work together to create classrooms where we can share God’s love with our students, help them to express their love back to God, and guide them in sharing God’s love to those around them. Kindergarten at Lynden Christian is a loving, unique, and wonderful place to start your child’s Christian education.

Julie Ball

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