Throughline: Beauty Creating – HS Senior

A through line is like “velcro” that connects things like facts, skills, and experiences and organizes them so they work together within a certain area. They help answer the question “How then shall I live?” The throughline that I think best defines me is beauty – creating. People with this throughline celebrate God as the Creator and, when creating different things, you know they are being made in the image of God. You use your creativity to please God and to praise him through it. This relates to my journey as a student because I find pleasure in God’s beautiful creation and I love creating new things. It is where I am able to relax and to use my skills to the best of my ability to make “God smile.” I also think this throughline means using what God gave you to the best of your ability including your talents and His creation. To me, this means going to new places and exploring or trying new things and to make a life an adventure.

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