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Lynden Christian Class of 2020 Video

Throughout the year LC Seniors have taken videos to capture their year.  Thank you to senior, Andrew De Vries for putting this fun video together!

To all my teacher friends

To all my teacher friends who are moving their classes online. Here, in no particular order, are some of my top tips for online teaching (these will mostly apply to high school teachers, but may also have some use for grade school.) First, take a deep breath. This is going to be different and sometimes …

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To The High School Seniors

In a time of unknown for so many people, I know the shutdowns and cancellations have affected every single person in America. I understand the necessity behind these  shutdowns and the fact that everyone is doing the best they can to keep our country and community safe. I KNOW this is a scary virus, and …

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Our Spanish Immersion Journey

Our Spanish Immersion Program (SI) journey began with a post card inviting us to an informational meeting about Evergreen Christian School’s new Spanish Immersion program. The idea intrigued us since there are significant benefits both academically and career-wise to being bilingual—as well as just having a larger more understanding view of the world. However, even …

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Kindergarten is an amazing place to be!

Sally Cook has been a kindergarten teacher at LC for 37 years! In this blog she shares hers passion for teaching at LC – you don’t want to miss this! There is an elementary school open house on Feb. 11, 2020 at 7:00 pm  – please share so all your friends know they are invited! …

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Trade Certification

The Lynden Christian Project Shop class recently had the opportunity to get forklift certified. Mike Apol, who works at Andgar Corporation, is an LC graduate and LC parent, who provided the training for the students. The students received training in forklift safety and usage. Fourteen students were able to receive their certifications. The Lynden Christian …

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I couldn’t have found a better place

Greetings! My name is Matthew Gudakov and I am the director of orchestras at Lynden Christian Schools. This year marks my first as a music teacher and I couldn’t have found a better place to work than here at LC. I feel so blessed to work in an environment where the name of Jesus is …

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Every story has beauty

“Oh Lord, It is said you created people because you love stories. Be with me as I live out my story” (Ted Loder) This prayer was shared by Dr. Bootsma at new staff orientation and resonated with me. After spending the last 10 years starting a family, a church and a business, my story has …

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It’s All About Love

It’s about love. At Lynden Christian, the focus of our Kindergarten is love. Will your Kindergartener learn to read and write better? Definitely. Will your Kindergartener learn basic mathematical skills? Certainly. Will your Kindergartener learn through play and social experiences? Of course. But your Kindergartener will also learn about and experience love. Our deep hope …

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Becoming A Bright Light

I and my family have been associated with Lynden Christian Schools for the past 75 years both as a student and teacher and I can truly say it has shaped my life. Often, I am asked whether I would have done something different rather than be a teacher at Lynden Christian and I emphatically say, …

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