Becoming A Bright Light

I and my family have been associated with Lynden Christian Schools for the past 75 years both as a student and teacher and I can truly say it has shaped my life. Often, I am asked whether I would have done something different rather than be a teacher at Lynden Christian and I emphatically say, no! This faith based community called Lynden Christian has provided me and my family with a quality education and a deep understanding of what community actually looks like in real life. The sacrifices which have occurred in so many families in order to send their kids to a school where God is the central part of the curriculum is a strong testament to the value of Christian education.

Every school and institution has experienced successes and difficulties but I would strongly encourage parents to investigate Lynden Christian School as the right place to send their kids. It is an investment which I believe they will never regret and could make a huge difference in the lives of your children. I pray every day that God will continue to bless our school and that it will continue into the future as a bright light in a challenging world.

Harlan Kredit

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