Throughline: Image Bearer – HS Senior

The throughline that I connect with is Idolatry Discerner because I understand that when we prioritize the things of things of this world over God we lose valuable time that can shape us. My challenge will be identifying, understanding, and recognising these idols while learning to respond “prophetically.” I know it is easy for everyday things to unconsciously take hold of our life; the first sin makes distraction easy. My journey, therefore, will consist of identifying the problem, understanding why it’s a problem, and learning how to recognize it in others lives. Hopefully I can help others move towards a renewed and innocent relationship with the Lord, but first I need to “remove the tree from my eye before trying to pluck a sliver from another’s eye”. As an image bearer, “Students will understand that when other things are more important to us than our relationship with God, they become idols. Students will be challenged to identify, understand and discern the idols of our time and to then respond prophetically.” Because I have lost important people in my life this year, I have been blessed knowing that my time is limite; life is short, and soon I’m going to be away at college; I don’t want to look back and regret not valuing the gifts God has given me. I understand that people use technology and entertainment to check out of the world for a while, but those distractions distance use from the blessings God has given. As an Idolatry Discerner, I am in constant pursuit of the balance between what God has given me and the world I live in.

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