School Board

Lynden Christian School is a private, parent-run system, governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, known as the “School Board”, is made up of twelve members, elected by the school “Society,” the parents and others who support the school. Lynden Christian School is a member of larger organizations such as CSI – Christian Schools International, NWCSI – Northwest Christian Schools International, and WFIS – Washington Federation of Independent Schools.

While we are a Christian school, we are not sponsored and controlled by one church as in a parochial school. Lynden Christian School has a very diverse church support base of nearly 60 churches.

The School Board makes decisions regarding finances, hiring of personnel, providing and maintaining facilities, and determining the educational and operational policies and regulations. To implement these policies, the board appoints administrators. The head administrator is the superintendent. High school and K-8 principals are responsible for their respective buildings and staff and are directly accountable to the superintendent.

Interested in becoming a board member, follow this link to the board application.


Monthly Board Meeting 

Public comment time for society members to meet for the first 30 minutes of board meetings. Please sign up in advance and each speaker will have a maximum of 3 minutes.

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Location: Lynden Christian High School Library



2022-2023 Lynden Christian School Board 

Name Phone Term Ending
Jon DeJong – President (360) 815-8161 2022-2023
Kathryn VanWeerdhuizen- Vice Pres (360) 510-4043 2023-2024
Leonard Smit – Treasurer (360) 410-2013 2022-2023
Mike Smit- Asst. Secretary (208) 420 0483 2023-2024
TJ Mellema  (360) 815-3940 2024-2025
Lisa Kramer – Secretary (405) 317-3934 2024-2025
Mandy VanHofwegen (360) 739-3150 2025-2026
Kelli Visser-Asst. Treasurer (360) 296-1033 2025-2026
Derek DeKoster (360) 815-7129 2022-2023
Darren Johnson (360) 778-9044 2023-2024
Shawna VanderLeest (360) 389-1017 2021-2022
Brian Kooiker (360) 319-3316 2024-2025

*If looking for a school board members email, please contact Carla Harkness for school board members emails.