I found myself always fascinated by the diversity of this world, whether it’s human beings, a movie, a book, a culture, a city, an outfit or just anything. This is why I came to America, because I want to experience different kind of lifestyle and culture. I’m also always imagining what my future is going to be like. Since I’m an urban kid, I like to picture myself living in big houses and big yards in the forest, where I have no neighbors and noises. Although I don’t know if I would really want to live in the middle of nowhere, but I just like to think about it, it takes away my boredness. I could also be very passion about the things I care about like art, for every cities I go to, I would go to at least one museum there. What is unique about romanticism is that it make each person shows their characters, like emotions, minds, and passion toward life, and it make every single person in the world more of an individual.