If I were and archetype, I think “individual” would best describe me and the “overcoming the monster” plot line would fit best with my character. An individual is someone who values hard work and integrity; if they say they will do something, then they will go out of their way to get it done. Individuals are different that the innocents, while innocents are all kind of the same and are happy where they are, individuals are different from the rest and search for new things and new adventures. Individuals like me fit well on the overcoming the monster plot line, we start out safe at home, but are then called away from our comfort in order to do something new. After leaving home, a short way into my journey I will run into a problem that halts my progress. I fight and go back and forth until it finally gets the best of me, this is when I get discouraged and lose faith in myself. To continue on my journey I need someone to help me, this person restores my hope and gives me inspiration to keep going forward. The helper may not do much, but it is just what I need to beat the thing that stopped me in my tracks. Once my problem has been conquered I continue on just the way it was before and complete what I set out to do in the first place. Once completed, I feel like I can go home again, but it won’t be long before I set out on another journey.