I probably can describe being an international student in America with two words: crazy and interesting.

It is pretty crazy and interesting to go to school in America since it is totally different than going to school in Korea. Everything, not only language but also people, culture, food, and even my personality, was changed when I came to America. Everything seemed crazy to me and everything was so difficult to handle. I faced new words every day, needed to spend at least two hours for each assignment, and had to convert all my thoughts to the new culture to fit here. Sometimes, I just wanted to give up being an international student and go back to Korea again because I felt there is no one who can understand me completely here. Everything was double work for me, and I was not sure what I was getting from living here. However, I began to melt into the life in America very slowly and carefully.

As time goes, I started to find more familiar words than new words, spend less time doing my homework even though it still took forever to get it done, and understand different views of things. I met many good people, was supported by them, realized what I need to do, and learned how to enjoy my life here. Since I changed, instead of everything was changed, being an international student became interesting and attractive. I think it is cool to be in the middle of two countries. Now I feel like I can tell people that I am doing my best and I am trying to achieve what I want to achieve here even though I still want to drop out of everything sometimes. I also learned how to overcome loneliness and how to make myself adjust into a new culture; I feel like I am growing.

Consequently, it is quite crazy and interesting to be an international student in America, I do not regret my choice to be here and love my life here.