I have learned a lot from God in the past couple of years. After going through an experience that shook my faith to the core, I realized just how weak it was. My faith was never made my own, it was the faith my parents had instilled in my because that’s how I was raised. I never realized how important it was that my faith was made my own and that I needed to figure out where I stood with God and my morals. I had decide how I would answer and react to the world when they pressure me to go against what I believe to be right. This is what I’ve been working on these past couple years. This is especially important if you’re a senior because, come next year, mom and dad aren’t going to be around to hold your hand and make decisions for you.

You’re on your own and the only ones you can depend on is yourself and God. My faith is still a little unstable but I am definitely more confident in where I stand against the world and I’m not afraid to voice my beliefs when the world tells me to do otherwise. God has taught me that it’s okay to lose friends. It’s okay to be scared and stressed and angry. It’s okay to make mistakes, that’s how you learn. I’ve learned that, even though my parents may be disappointed in me at times, God never will be. He’ll be right there to dust me off when I’ve fallen. As a senior who’s about to be in their own in college and in the world away from mom and dad, that is the most comforting thought I could ever have. No matter what, God will never leave you. Friends, relationships, and some family comes and goes.

But the love and presence of God? That’s always going to be there and it is rooted deep in your life and there is nothing that could ever bring it down.