Rational – Purpose
As senior leaders, it’s our job to shape school culture. Even though we have systems in place to support our students spiritually and academically, we believe some students may fall through the cracks, which should never happen at our school. Therefore, we propose a project that will engage our UW Class in the transformation of lives at Lynden Christian School.

Tasks and Schedule
Part I: The Happiness Project
Using a team of student leaders, we will commit each week to the following tasks:

  1. Emails — seniors will write 10 emails a week, offering support and encouragement
  2. Praise Raids — students will coordinate with teachers, and, once a week (approximately) UW students will visit classrooms to “Stick-It” to students (post-it notes on their backs)
  3. Birthday Notes — write celebratory notes to students on their birthdays
  4. Hallway Visits — Assign 5 students each week who will make face to face contact with students on the perimeter of the school (those not in the lounge, those sitting alone, or those congregating together)
  5. Blogs — Writing for the school blog
  6. Report Emails — reporting back to the teacher the encounters they have and the hope that they see 

The work is simple. The planning will take five minutes on Mondays, and the follow up will be a brief classroom discussion on Fridays.