There was a time When Joy was The memory of her Yearns For what was lost Sending despair To invade instead The heart, a prison Of grief, regret, pain
Searching for what was Fear undermines-She’ll be lost forever Sometimes I open my eyes To see her flirt carelessly across A moment I reach out for Her She is gone Waiting, waiting, waiting If only I could see her again Even, from afar A new companion She is not what I wanted Never in my dreams Unnerving, exhausting, terrifying Run away! Resist! Days, months, years No escape, no choice, no more running Sorrow, come sit with me today Tell me what you know Lead me where you go Darkness overcomes Sorrow, where are you? A moment of light, the shadow clear Not what I imagined, Not what I feared
The darkness is real Cast over me Because She who dwells in the Shelter of the Most High Will rest in the shadow of the Almighty* She is Found