So you are a skeptic? I understand you have doubts and you are confused, it is human nature to have questions. You have doubts about the necessity of religion and the existence of God all together. Let me tell you something, you are missing out on something good. Religion holds the explanation to many of the doubts you are having. Many atheists have the same doubts you are having at this very moment.

Author, Dr. Paul Kalanithi, had these same doubts but determined the only thing a secular worldview can do is “ reduce phenomena into manageable bits.” He believes that scientific reason can not fully explain the human experience. Your dependence on scientific reason is utterly understandable. Science can attest to many of the facts of existence. But is your life truly fulfilling? I am sure that you are always questioning if there is something more to live for. You have to look for hope in something other than extinction after death.

Where do you find your hope? Another author, Julian Barnes, explains how he finds a deeper encounter with the spiritual realm when he hears music. I am sure you too, connect with something much bigger than yourself in either music, art, or through encounters with other people. You certainly can’t sit around all around all day waiting for the day you die and just thinking it will all be over, and everything that you did in this life was ultimately inconsequential. Religion may seem intimidating to you, but take heart: it also will be one of the most impactful watergates in your life. Religion will give you a way to live for more, knowing that there is hope. I encourage you to consider this deeply, for i strongly believe that this would have a positive impact on not only you but also those around you.