Done in Senior Honors English in response to issues raised in Timothy Keller’s Making Sense of God.

Don’t you ever feel like there’s a greater purpose to our existence? That we’re not just here going through the motions until we die? The problem is that many people think this way, and live out meaningless lives without any understanding or any real purpose in life. Christianity is the key to understanding our existence, and will give us a sense of purpose in life and in afterlife.

I know you may feel “that this world is the result of an accidental big bang”, but the truth is, we could not possibly be created by chance because there are many cosmic constants that if they were even one in 10^60 off, none of us would exist and there wouldn’t be a universe. Someone thought all of this out, down to the very last detail. Some may use science to claim that since there is no “concrete evidence” of Christianity, it doesn’t exist. But science can only make “claims about matter and energy but nothing else” because it only answers the “how” question. It’s kind of like boiling a pot of water. If someone asked “what is happening here?”,a person could say I’m going to make tea or they could give a scientific answer about how exactly the water is boiling. Both answers are correct, they just answer on two different levels: mechanism (how) and agency (why). Science answers the “how” and religion answers the “why”; they don’t contradict each other, they actually can work together. Let’s stop talking about all the sciencey stuff…do you ever get that weird feeling when you “are hit with such experiences of overwhelming beauty that we feel forced to use the term “spiritual” to explain”?

I always feel like this when I am hiking in the mountains or watching the sunset. This feeling is indescribable, but it hints at a greater being’s creation that is here on Earth. Or what about an unexplainable intense moment that you’ve had? Where it feels as if God was right there in front of you, “so real he entered the bedrooms”? Christianity is the best fit logically and in beauty/aesthetics for the world around us. It can give us a sense of belonging and purpose to our lives here on earth, and a reason to why we each matter. You should consider what Christianity has to offer, and please contact me if you would like to discuss or have any questions, I would love to hear from you!