* Done in Senior Honors English in response to issues raised in Timothy Keller’s Making Sense of God.

Have you ever had an awakening experience that has been borderline religious? Have you ever seen a painting or heard a song and it took your breath away and made you feel like there’s something more? Well, I bet you told yourself it was just chemical reactions, or there’s some logical explanation for this feeling, but you’re not wrong, that’s why you can’t shake the feeling that it’s more.

Faith — believing in something more than chemical reactions and thinking that you’re just some sort of physical entity without a soul — is something that can change you’re life. Before I found faith, I felt useless, like I had nothing to live for, what good am I if I just live without purpose. Believing in something greater than yourself gives you purpose, because once you realize that life isn’t just about getting straight A’s or being the best, that it’s about living for God and doing your best to be more like Him, that makes your life worth living.

All you have to do is just accept God into your life. It’s as simple as accepting that God is real and then letting him come into your life. It may not seem to be an easy decision and I understand that, If you would like to talk to me more and hear more about living as a Christian feel free to talk to me more. I pray that we may be one day considered sisters in Christ.