My office window overlooks the elementary school playground, and I am often distracted by kids having fun on the playground.

This week, the playground was invaded by high school boys: the voices were deeper, but the laughter sounded much like that of the little kids. They were playing Flyers-Up, a game where one player throws a ball in the air and a huddle of kids jump to get the ball (the winner throws next). If you have ever watched young kids play competitive games (especially ones with a ball), you would see friendly competition turn quickly into gang warfare: kids get angry, kids get excluded, and kids get hurt.

I think about the news we hear of teenagers: Burlington, kids sitting for the National Anthem, kids bullying others through social media. And then I watch this: your sons and daughters (children given to our care) being cared for by our older LCHS students. No fighting, no exclusion, nobody getting hurt – they let everyone play, and they teach those kids how to problem-solve and how to communicate.

This is mentorship. This is discipleship. This is LC, and I am proud to be a part of it.