If we were a literary period we would be romanticism. Romanticism mainly focuses on inspiration and primacy of an individual. The archetype that would best describe us would be wanderers in an “Overcoming the Monster” plot. We are still finding our way through life and overcoming obstacles and hardships that life may bring us, yet never quitting. We are young and inexperienced. Just sixteen and seventeen years old. We still have a lot to learn. Yet want to get out and explore the world. We want to travel to new places and see new sights. Along the way of our journeys we will learn many lessons. These lessons will make us stronger people and strengthen our faiths. There will be many “monsters” or temptations/trials that will try and get in the way but we will push through. But these trials will make us better people and shape us to who we will become one day. This is why the “Overcoming the Monster Plot” is a perfect representation of our lives. Life is never easy but when you trust in God, He never fails.