I feel blessed to be a product of Christian education, not only for having been born into a family of missionaries but also for having studied in a Christian school. I started as a missionary at the age of 18 while I was still studying at the university.

In my professional training, I have received a degree in elementary education from the “Libertador Experimental Pedagogical  University” and a degree in Pedagogy in Religious Education and Theology from the “Adventist Professional Institute of Chile.” I also earned a Postgraduate and Bachelor’s degree in education from the “Adventist University of Chile” and a degree in Master’s Studies in Disaster Management at the “Andrews University” Campus in Costa Rica as well as a degree in Television Production at the Adventist University of Montemorelos- Mexico.

On the missionary field I was blessed to serve as an elementary and secondary school teacher, a school chaplain, school director, youth pastor, and a Director of Christian TV Production.

In 2018 I accepted Lynden Christian School’s invitation to work in the Spanish Immersion program. I have become part of the Lynden Christian family and I feel blessed to be able to work in what I like: teaching. I am convinced that the world is better when we teach children to love God and serve others. I attend Bellingham Hispanic Adventist Church.

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