The Marfo Orphanage is an orphanage in Ghana, Africa run by single mother, Adwoa. Adwoa grew up Ghana in a large family. She went to school and became a caterer and met her husband, Yaw. Yaw and Adwoa had three children and eventually the family moved to the United States. After over ten years, Adwoa and her husband decided to move back to Ghana. Shorty upon arrival, Yaw’s mother passed away and shortly after Yaw fell ill and died. Adwoa was left without a husband or money and she had three children to take care of with no one to turn to but Jesus. She clung to Him and his grace and found the means to continue to put her kids through school. But she recognized another significant pain in the world; the pain of the orphans. Adwoa felt called to care for the orphans who felt the same loneliness and pain that she and her kids felt after Yaw’s passing. Adwoa founded Marfo Children Care Foundation. Its mission is to provide children with a Christian family-based home that will help them grow into adults that can care for themselves in the world.

This June, a group of LC students and faculty are going to the Ghana and to the Marfo orphanage. The group will be ministering to multiple schools and orphanages and hope to provide a gift for the children at Marfo. Mrs. Kroontje’s Senior Reading Lit class has decided to help reach this goal. Students have chosen one of their possessions that means something to them and they will be putting it up for sale. All the proceeds will go towards a gift for Marfo Orphanage. The gift will potentially be laptops or tablets for the kids to help them with their school work. Adwoa is an incredible woman who sacrifices tons everyday for these kids. All donations are greatly appreciated.