As part of our commitment to Teaching for Transformation, the LC Elementary School practices service through CREW (Caring, Responsible, Effort, Worship) Projects. Here are some reflections of their experience:

I have learned that serving is a really powerful thing and serving can help people in the hospital . . . the sick, the homeless, and orphans, too.

We are on CREW to care for people, to be responsible, and to keep up our effort, and if we are doing that we are worshipping.

My deep hope is that all fourth graders can help by playing with someone lonely.

I am serving in the Greeter Crew because I like to make new friends and greet people. If I see people I know, I give them a hug.

I have been a servant-worker by saying “Welcome to LC” to parents and to kids, I say “Have a good day,” and I smile.

CREW has changed me by helping me learn to respect others, show responsibility, and patience.

Being an Image-Reflecter changed me this year by always helping people wherever you are.

I have learned to not barge into a room, and obey what the teacher tell you to do.

It has changed me because now I feel like I can help people like when I went to Meadow Greens.

I have learned that whatever I do I should do it for others first and not put myself first.

Being a Servant Worker made me nicer by playing with kids who don’t have anyone to play with.

We are serving on CREW this year so that we can set examples for smaller kids such as kindergarteners and 1st Graders.

I have learned that you need to be responsibile and willing to help when needed,

I have been a Servant Worker by helping teachers and giving up some of my recessess.

I am serving on CREW this year to make it easier for the LC staff . . . I have learned one person can do a big thing.

I serve on CREW because I love helping people with things . . .