I am biased: I love Lynden Christian School, but not for the reasons many people do.

The quality of education is great, the campus beautiful, the community supportive, the sports programs always strong, and the mission statement expresses my desires exactly. But my reason for choosing LC is far more selfish. Simply, I want my children to be Christians, to know Christ, to understand and articulate the meaning of salvation. I want them to love the Lord Jesus because I want to spend forever in eternity with them – and I can’t do it alone.

My family started in the public school system in the town I grew up – among the children of my old friends, by some of my old classmates. They learned to read, spell, write, add and subtract, just like every kid has to opportunity to do in school, but they were also learning that faith is something to hide and to never share. As they got older, the message they heard at home was not the same that they heard at school. At home, they were taught to be bold in their faith, never to back down and always to be proud of the faith that lived inside of them. At school, they were being taught by Christians (that I had known forever and gone to church with) to keep their faith to themselves.

When we decided to consider LC, I remember our first tour. I will never forget standing at the front of the LC Junior High, starting at the plaque: “Dedicated to the Glory of God.” As a mother, a wife, and a Christian, I knew right then, before stepping into the building, that Lynden Christian School is different from any other school I had ever seen. I had a peace and an excitement about the possibility of my children spending their days in a building that was dedicated to God.

Since that time, I have been blessed to lead new families into Lynden Christian Schools. I’m not the prototypical Lynden Christian parent: I grew up somewhere else, I went to a public school, I started my children in public school, and (if I am honest) I hated Lynden Christian School when they beat my team in sports. But now I am a mother of an LC graduate, and I have two other children in the school. LC is the place where my family’s joy is made complete; it lets us be who we are, it lets us celebrate our faith, and it allows us, ever day, to know that we are among students, parents, teachers, and administrators who are all dedicated to God.