Kindergarten is an amazing place to be!

Sally Cook has been a kindergarten teacher at LC for 37 years! In this blog she shares hers passion for teaching at LC – you don’t want to miss this! There is an elementary school open house on Feb. 11, 2020 at 7:00 pm  – please share so all your friends know they are invited!

Kindergarten is an amazing place to be!  For thirty-seven years this place has been my home, my heart, my love, and the place where my passion for teaching is fulfilled. There are many reasons that kindergarten at Lynden Christian School is the best place for your child, here are just a few…

  1. Every day we get to learn about God and his love for us.  We learn about men and women of the Bible who followed God in faith and their lives were changed because of it.  We pray many times a day.  Where else can your child say something that they need prayer for (their dog died, Grandma is sick, they had a bad dream), and we can stop what we are doing and immediately bring their concerns to God in prayer?

2.  In my class we call ourselves a family.  Families love, care, and pray for each other and that is what we do in kindergarten.  When a child comes to kindergarten they are loved and cared for by their teacher, but also their classmates.  It is a beautiful thing to watch unfold.  It gives each child a place that is safe and comfortable because they know that they are loved and cared for every day they come to school.

3.  We have a strong academic curriculum.  Each child begins kindergarten at a different developmental level, and their teacher will guide them along in their learning based on what they need and are ready to learn.

In Math we learn about number sense.  What is a number and how do we figure out how to make sense of what a number is.  We learn adding and subtracting, patterning, what is one more and one less,  how to write to 100, proper number formation and how to count to 100 and beyond.  We count by 5’s, 10’s, and 2’s.  We use manipulatives to figure numbers out, work in partners to share ideas and are encouraged to ask questions to figure out problems.

Learning about letters, sounds, phonemic awareness, how to put sounds together to make words is a vitally important part of each of our days.  Children in kindergarten want to read and will work hard to master the skills needed to read.  Some children come in reading already and then we work to broaden their learning.  For others, the learning is new and they learn to read during the year.  Not all children will learn to read in kindergarten, but they will have the skills to read in first grade.

In Science we learn about many animals and the way God made them to live in the world.  Social Studies focuses on the holidays of the year including Veteran’s Day, and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

4.  During the week we also have P.E., library, and chapel that add to our great days in kindergarten.

5.  When I asked the experts (the kids in my class) what they like about kindergarten, this is what they had to say:

We learn about Jesus.                                   We read the Bible.

We pray.                                                               We make new friends.

We learn to love each other.                           We have fun.

We read books and write words.                    We learn math.

We learn to be kind.                                          We share toys.

We learn about the world God made.           We learn about animals.

I hope you will come and check out our kindergarten at LCS, we would love to share our world with you!

Sally Cook

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