One of my happiest memories when I was a student at Lynden Christian Elementary was when my librarian read the book, Round Trip by Ann Jonas. I marveled when she reached the last page, flipped it upside down and read the book backward so it ended right back where it began! Until then, I didn’t know that books could be so cool! In a way, my life has also been a round trip. I started my journey in Lynden, where I graduated from Lynden Christian in 1998. I then went to Calvin College, where I graduated in 2003 with a BA in Elementary Education. After working five years in a large public library in Missouri, my husband and I came back to Lynden in 2008, where I worked as paraprofessional and aide at Lynden Christian Middle School. In January of 2014, I became the librarian at Lynden Christian Elementary School – my dream come true! Now I get to share wonderful books like Round Trip with my brilliant, book-loving students.

My husband and I, along with our three incredibly cool kids also enjoy our summertime side trips working in Yellowstone National Park as Park Rangers, (and Junior Park Rangers respectively). We are blessed to worship among friends and family at Third Christian Reformed Church.

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