Season of Giving

I write as one who is so thankful for Christian education. I want to share a story with you, about the impact Lynden Christian has had on one family. I met a new mom in 2018. She was searching for a place to raise her son. Here is a part of her story…

I brought my son to Lynden last year to attend Lynden Christian Middle School. We came from a deeply liberal part of the country to make a new start and give my son a chance to be a part of a community of like-minded believers. As a single parent, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. We came here on a wing and a prayer. The move was costly, but LC was there with an offer of tuition assistance and it helped us get started. Besides the assistance, an anonymous donor made a generous donation to our account that got us through the school year. My son was doing well. He was adjusting and making friends with good, Christian kids and getting the help he needed academically.

When the pandemic hit, I lost most of my income. It set us back a long way and we thought he wouldn’t be able to continue on to 7th grade at LC. It was terribly stressful. There was a lot of prayer for guidance and the Lord’s will for us going forward. I let some of the folks at LC know that I would have to ask for more tuition assistance than I thought was reasonable and that I did not want to be a drain on the school’s generosity. I was strongly encouraged – with love- to apply anyway, and I did. The amount of assistance we got not only made it possible for my son to attend, but also to continue to participate in the Discovery Program.

My son loves LC. He has friends, is doing better academically than ever before, and feels like he truly does belong here. The kindness that we have been shown, within the LC community, is almost overwhelming at times. If not for the generosity of the people of this community, I honestly don’t know where we would be now.”

So far this year, 50 families have received the help they need to keep their kids enrolled at LC. With your gift to the Annual Fund, we will keep helping families who are facing hardship to keep their kids in a healthy and loving Christian school. We will continue to support kids who need academic and emotional support all while keeping the mission and vision of Christian education moving forward in this world.

You don’t have to look too far to find a story of the impact LC has had on the lives of our children and staff. Please, in this season of giving, consider giving a gift that makes an impact! Together, we can keep supporting families with Christ-centered education.

Please consider donating today.