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College & Career

Early in high school, students are encouraged to look at the various “career pathways” as outlined in the LCHS Course Catalog to give them direction during their high school studies. While it certainly does not determine a career, it is a wonderful way to understand expectations and requirements for a given field of study. The details of each “pathway” are in the LCHS Course Catalog.

Scholarships Available

Academic Advising

This is the process of choosing and scheduling both required and elective classes to meet high school graduation requirements as well as best serve the student to meeting their personal goals.

Career and Academic Advising is part of student life from the 8th to 9th grade transition through senior year. The primary purpose of the office is to provide each student with timely advice and guidance regarding the student’s course of study that best meets their career and personal goals. This is a process that begins with exploration of career options, scheduling classes each year, interest surveys, formal pre-college testing, and culminates with college selection and the application process.

Helpful Information for Parents and Students

The High School & Beyond: A Family Resource Guide is designed to serve as a “one-stop” reference of resources to assist parents in providing guidance as students move through four years of high school and prepare for their “13th year” transition. Parents will find valuable information about graduation requirements, assessments/testing, career exploration opportunities, education and advanced training options, planning for college, financial aid information, grade-level guidelines and much more! Development and expansion of the guide was coordinated by the Tech Prep Consortium and included input from counselors, career specialists, teachers and parents from all 13 of our partner high schools.

Our office maintains information, or access to information, for various career routes following high school.

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