Parents – Student Academic Services

Equipping your child to become an independent learner.

The mission of Student Academic Services (SAS) is to support the mission statement of Lynden Christian School through the text, “Train up a child in his or her own way…” Prov. 22:6. Support is provided to all students so that they can learn in “his or her own way,” growing as perceptive and caring Christian young adults.

Student Academic Services provide assistance in three main areas: remediation in reading and math skills, the Discovery Program for students with learning disabilities, and educational testing for evaluating strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. We seek to discover the way each student learns most effectively and then provide support for that learning. Partnering with parents and teachers is essential for providing the most effective interventions to help students become all that God intends them to be.

Student Academic Services is available for students in any grade. Please contact the appropriate director for more information.

What is Student Academic Services and how can it help my child?

  • Classroom accommodations and modifications
  • Remediation
  • After school guided study
  • Speech therapy
  • Tutoring
  • Testing and Diagnostic services
  • Learning Resource room
  • Teacher Resources
  • Student Resources
  • Discovery Program
  • SAT Prep
  • Passport Learning
  • Guided Study Classes
  • Medical Leave Support 

    For more information about Student Academic Services,
    please contact the director:

    Mrs. Jeany Aupperlee

    Meet the Para-educators:
    Mrs. Linda De Boer
    Mrs. Julie Huleatt
    Mrs. Kirsten McClure
    Mrs. Donna Miller
    Ms. Jamie Sipma
    Mrs. Lori Van Weerdhuizen
    Mrs. Carla Vander Kooi
    Mrs. Diane Veltkamp

    Meet the Discovery Therapists
    Mrs. Amy Vande Voort, Program Coordinator
    Mrs. Lora Scholes, Assist. Program Coordinator
    Mrs. Amy Libolt
    Mrs. Deanna Pawlowski
    Mrs. Karen Sebens
    Mrs. Jayleen Corkill
    Mrs. Sid Hartwell
    Meet the Speech Therapists
    Mrs. Kari Rader
    Mrs. Trina Bedlington