May 2019 Board of Directors Summary

Lynden Christian Board of Directors Summary – May 8, 2019

Lori TeVelde read a devotion based on Heb 12 and II Cor 4. We have a tendency to gaze (or focus) on problems and merely glance toward God for help, when we should be doing the exact opposite. We were reminded to ask the Holy Spirit for the ability to change our focus.

The Board Development Committee presented the board with the idea of a decision matrix – a chart that shows which groups have responsibilities for which decisions. Plans for orientation of new board members was also reviewed.

The list of school board nominees from the Nomination Committee were presented and approved by the board. These names will be presented to society via the upcoming LC Home Bulletin for confirmation.

As the CSI pension plan will no longer be available for the addition of new funds, a new 403b retirement plan provider was selected by the Finance Committee; this plan will be ready for investment by the beginning of next school year.

The meeting was closed with prayer.