Lynden Christian Board of Directors and Admin Summary – February 3, 2020

Leonard Smit opened the meeting by reading Philippians 2:1-4 – be like-minded in love; look out for others’ interests. Foundationally, we need to be like-minded as a board; modelling Christ’s love in our decisions.

Superintendent Paul Bootsma updated the board on the search for a high school principal as well as Paul’s visit to Olympia last week to meet with state officials on behalf of the WFIS. Plans were reviewed for the upcoming LC Society meeting in March. The board approved a policy to have an opening prayer at all home sporting events where a loudspeaker is used.

Joel Westa, Executive Director of Christian Schools International (CSI), visited the board meeting. He provided an update on recent reorganization efforts to streamline the work of CSI as well as the possibility of changes to their fee structure. The pension fund board is also reviewing potential implications related to changes to the PBGC premium.

The meeting was closed with prayer.