School Board

Lynden Christian Schools is a private, parent-run system governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the school "Society," comprised of parents and others who support the school.  We are a member of larger organizations such as CSI - Christian Schools International, NWCSI - Northwest Christian Schools International, and WFIS - Washington Federation of Independent Schools. 

While we are a Christian school, we are not a school sponsored and controlled by one church as in a parochial school.  Lynden Christian School has a very diverse church support base of nearly 80 churches.  The parents control the school through an elected board of twelve members called the "School Board."

The School Board makes decisions regarding finances, hiring of personnel, providing and maintaining facilities, and determining the educational and operational policies and regulations. To implement these policies, the board appoints administrators. The head administrator is the superintendent. High school and K-8 principals are responsible for their respective buildings and staff, and are directly accountable to the superintendent.

School Board 2017-2018             

Name Email Phone Term Ending
Dan Turner - President (360) 739-5508 2018-2019
Michael TerBeek - Vice President (360) 815-1562 2019-2020
Frank DeVries - Treasurer (360) 815-0237 2019-2020
Vicki Huizenga -Secretary (360) 398-2670 2017-2018
Shawna VanderLeest - Asst. Sec. (360) 389-1017 2017-2018
BJ Westra - Asst. Treas (360) 319-1670 2018-2019
Butch Kamena (360) 676-5079 2018-2019
Winerva Kramer (360) 201-7975 2020-2021
Josh Levien (360) 410-0037 2020-2021
Jacob Steiger (360) 319-9427 2017-2018
Bryan VanLoo (360) 201-8998 2020-2021
Dale VanRooyen (360) 815-5885 2019-2020