Fostering Intentional Friendships - LC Teacher

In our third year of inclusive education at Lynden Christian Schools (Lynden, WA), we are experiencing transformed hearts and minds as we create communities of belonging for students with varied abilities.  Our partnership with CLC Network has been paramount in helping our community understand inclusion and invite diversity into the classroom.  This year, we started a 7/8th grade Circle of Friends because we noticed that while we were doing a good job of addressing social situations in the classroom, many of our students with disabilities needed assistance with so Read more about Fostering Intentional Friendships - LC Teacher >

Christ in All -- LC Senior

In regards to the photo of Miss Sipma praying with the little girl, and the quote "Christ is the focal point in all subjects," I would say that is definitely true. Although there may be classes that aren't focused around God or it isn't a Bible class, many teachers are willing to listen and take the time to pray with or for you. I have noticed this throughout my 14 years at this school and that is really something special that happens in this place. Read more about Christ in All -- LC Senior >

Caring and Perceptive Christians -- LC Senior

                   How does one teach Christianity? When teaching young kids how to understand Islam, routine is taught: five times daily prayer kneeling and facing the Ka’ba, reading of scripture, fasting in the month of Ramadan, and reciting of shahadah—the belief and understanding that “there is no god but Allah”. Children easily understand the method. If they follow the routine of Islam, they are a good, obedient Muslim. Read more about Caring and Perceptive Christians -- LC Senior >

Christians in the World

Throughout my entire education at Lynden Christian, Pre-K to Senior year, I have been  supported by staff who teach with the motivation of mentoring students into "caring Christians." In elementary school, we sang along to Mrs. Dean's songs and learned the motions, which we stored away in memory and bring out occasionally with fond memories. Read more about Christians in the World >