Convocation Challenge, 2016 - Coach DeBoer

The beginning of the school year fills us with many emotions. Whether it is excitement, nerves, regret, anticipation. The list is long. I have had the opportunity to experience the first day of school as a student, teacher, administrator, coach and parent. Although each experience is unique, there are some common threads as well. The one I want to explore a bit is that feeling of a “new beginning” or fresh start.  A new beginning allows us the opportunity for new goals and visions for what’s ahead. Read more about Convocation Challenge, 2016 - Coach DeBoer >

Worship -- Local Pastor

If you attend church regularly, you probably have a Sunday morning routine.  It might not vary much from week to week.  Each week you follow familiar paths to a familiar place to worship with familiar people. 

Familiar is good. 

To be able to come, week after week, to a certain place to worship with certain people, is a gift.  It is a gift we often take for granted. Read more about Worship -- Local Pastor >

Professional Development

Each week we take a period of time for Professional Development.  This article below (taken from a school practicing Teaching for Transformation, the program we are working to implement) shows what we are trying to achieve. The Teaching for Transformation framework is designed to shape our students lives, not just create another task for them (or our teachers) to master. Read more about Professional Development >