I grew up in DeMotte, IN and from a young age had a passion for international missions. Knowing that I eventually wanted to go overseas, I attended Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, MI and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Cross-Cultural Studies and Bible/Theology. My husband Michael and I moved to Thailand shortly after graduation to work at a small Christian school in the Bangkok area, where I taught 10th-12th grade English Language Arts. I found that my passion for missions also became a passion for teaching, so I pursued a Masters of Education degree through Framingham State University in Massachusetts and completed it in 2014. We lived in Thailand until 2021, when God clearly called us to move to Lynden – a story which I am happy to retell to anyone who wishes to ask me about it!

I love teaching Language Arts because of the many ways it allows us to engage with various cultures and perspectives. Literature and writing also challenge us to pause and think about our own attitudes and beliefs. I always hope that my students will start to think outside the box, to ask challenging questions, and to be bold in communicating their ideas with others.

Michael and I have two sons, Gerrit and Theophilus. As a family we enjoy many things, from hiking and being outside to playing board games and reading. I also enjoy baking, drinking tea, attending theatrical performances, and occasionally speaking in a British accent.



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