I graduated from Lynden Christian School in 1975, then headed east to Dordt College in Iowa, where I earned my BA in elementary education. While attending Dordt, I met my future husband, Veryl, who was also studying education. After graduation and marriage, we both found teaching jobs in Iowa. Those assignments prepared us for our next two years as teachers at a Christian school in Honduras.

The Lord led us back to Lynden prior to the birth of our daughter, the first of our four children. In order to be home during much of our children’s younger years, I held part-time jobs, including work as a substitute teacher at Lynden Christian. In 1998, I joined the Lynden Christian staff as a 6th grade teacher and I’m currently teaching 5th grade.

My husband and I have been blessed and impressed by the quality of education and thoughtful encouragement given to our children by caring staff members over these many years. The school has teamed with us as we have raised our children, and has offered a Christ-centered education that has supported what we have taught them at home. I am committed to imparting that same excellence and care to the children in my classes. I appreciate being on staff at the school system that nurtured me and I delight in passing on some of the many blessings I received.

Believing that “…from Him and through Him are all things…” (Rom 11:36), I daily hope to show my students how Christ’s truths still hold true in this ever-changing world. I celebrate Lynden Christian’s emphasis on teaching a biblical world view in every academic subject area as well as in every area of life. I hope to help students develop Christ-guided intellect, integrity, and devotion to serving others for His sake. This certainty compels me: as students discover, develop, and celebrate their God-given capabilities and learn to allow Christ to direct the application of those gifts, they can help bring healing and restoration in this broken world.