School Board Summary – November 12, 2019

Lynden Christian Board of Directors Summary – November 12, 2019

Frank DeVries read I Thes. 5:16-24 – Serving on school boards over the years, there have been hard decisions but also great joy. Difficulties tend to strengthen our faith. Being worried about failure creates doubt in God’s faithfulness, but God is faithful and will provide all we need if we rely on Him.

Superintendent Paul Bootsma gave a brief presentation on the role of WFIS (Washington Federation of Independent Schools) and his involvement with this board. WFIS primarily works as a lobbyist for private schools to affect legislation and to keep their constituents informed of changes.

In September, Jeanny Aupperlee presented the Inclusion Task Force final report which included numerous recommendations for consideration. For this meeting, the recommendations were thoroughly discussed and resulted in motions being passed related to the process to accept additional students into the program as well as budgeting guidelines.

The meeting was closed with prayer.