Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Lynden Christian Schools – Strategic Plan 2016

Goal 1: Quality, Christ-centered Education

To provide Lynden Christian students with a quality, Christ-centered education focused on their learning, growth, and relationships



To ensure the content of our instruction is supported by research and is age and stage appropriate. We believe this will improve what our students are learning and support our efforts

Enhance/improve LC’s Curriculum:

  • vertical and horizontal alignment,
  • aligning to the best academic standards while integrating a biblical worldview (Teaching for Transformation implementation)

To provide feedback to teachers on student progress in their individual learning

Establish a system-wide Student Assessment Protocol – research and implementation

To provide more learning support for students as needed

Student Academic Services sustainability, restructuring, and expansion

To more further represent the full body of Christ throughout our student/family population

Create an inclusive campus – working toward educating all children, representing the full body of Christ

Goal 2:Qualified and Committed Staff

To support, educate, and evaluate all staff, focusing on Lynden Christian’s mission and our students’ learning



Research shows that teachers who are learning enhances student learning.

Establish a Collaborative time for Professional Development for K-12 teachers, focused on student learning

For LC’s strategic plan to be successfully implemented, it is important for our staff to be evaluated based on that plan.

Enhance Evaluation including student and parent feedback, using Marzano’s iObservation, as well as Professional Growth Plans

We have to be consistent with our mission and strategic plan, and hiring and supporting committed and qualified staff provides consistency.

Systematize Hiring practices as well as mentoring and orienting staff

LC desires all staff to be learning, modeling our mission as well as supporting our employees.

Provide professional development for support staff (admin assistants, custodians, bus drivers)

Goal 3 Lynden Christian Culture and Community – on-campus and off

To enhance our welcoming community while engaging our surrounding community



LC must promote within our internal community, retaining families we already have, focusing on those committed to Christian education.

Enhance/improve our Internal Community:

  • Write a parent handbook
  • Share an intentional calendar
  • Integrate new families
  • Establish and seek feedback from families
  • Appoint host parents for K-8 classrooms
  • Plan service activities annually

LC must promote Christian education in the area in order to deepen the mission and purpose of Christian education.

Expand our External Community:

  • Record the people our staff engage from the community for educational purposes
  • Establish more thorough and consistent local church and pastor
  • Promote healthy and balanced living: blogs, workshops, events
  • Explore alternative teaching formats

Goal 4: Stewards of Our Resources

To be gracious and wise stewards of our God-given resources



We do not fundraise consistently or thoroughly, and we need to in order to be most effective and stewardly.

Develop a system-wide, systematic fundraising plan connected to the strategic and master plan

LC is called to education children of Christian families and we can do that in more substantial ways by providing tuition assistance for families that need it.

Enhance tuition assistance for families by finding creative ways for tuition cost equity

We have to care for what we have and plan for the needs of our organizational and educational mission. This is stewardship.

Develop a campus, capital needs, and operations master plan

We must pursue educational equity for all of our families and students in order to be fair and missional.

Analyze and decrease the cost of Discovery for families of students who need it

Sharing our financials will minimize confusion, enhance understanding, and solve problems.

Communicate with the community, LC’s financial status and standing

This will provide equitable compensation for staff and enhance our ability to recruit and retain staff members.

Pursue 85% staff compensation model – 2019 full implementation

Legal and best practices must be followed. This is our responsibility.

Implement financial improvement action points related to accounting best practices

Goal 5: Mission and Ministry Expansion

To expand the ministry and mission of Lynden Christian education



Evergreen struggles with identity and space constraints, and a permanent school facility with help solve this problem.

Establish Permanency in Bellingham; ECS – permanent school facility by 2020

To continue to expand the mission of Lynden Christian and chart our course for the future, partnering with more Christian families.

Establish Enrollment retention/recruitment goals with projections

We have to be deliberate and focused in our marketing and our communication in order to be successful in growth and stability.

Create and Implement a marketing and a communication plan