Lynden Christian Board of Directors Summary – December 2, 2019

Dan Gibson read Colossians chapter 3 – The education committee has created a task force to look into faith formation this year. Based on this passage, Pastor Brian Hedges draws out three considerations:

1 – Identity: we have been raised with Christ. 2 – Desire: embracing the things of earth but seeing through Christ. 3 – Habits: put to death earthly desire

The admin team, in coordination with the school board, have been developing Strategic Goals for this school year. Superintendent Bootsma presented these draft goals to all staff during the ProD day earlier today where they broke into smaller groups to discuss and provide feedback.

The Spanish Immersion Task Force Report was reviewed. The task force’s primary recommendation is to move SI from Bellingham to the Lynden campus. Following some additional parent discussion meetings this month, the school board will vote at the January board meeting.

The board has provided some overarching parameters/goals for the 2020-2021 budget. The finance committee and director of finance will use these parameters as they work together to develop the budget proposal for consideration by the board and LC society.

The meeting was closed with prayer.