Lynden Christian Board of Directors Summary – August 3, 2020

Paul Bootsma opened the meeting by reading some thoughts based on I John 3:16-24. It is good to give and receive truth, but make sure the truth is spoken in love. It is better to start with love before speaking the truth.

Board members shared reasons for celebration. There has been positive feedback regarding the Return to Learn – still planning to begin school in person on September 1. Board members appreciate all the work throughout the summer that LC admin and staff have put into this planning.

Superintendent Paul Bootsma provided an update on the Return to Learn; there are still some final details to work out, but everything is coming together. In order to stay open and in person this fall, it is imperative that we follow the regulations established by OSPI (masks/shields, distancing, hygiene, screening); that we do it right.

Following a prayer for God’s guidance, the names of board nominees receiving 75% or greater confirmation by society were placed into the “hat” for selection. Three new board members were drawn. All six nominees will be informed tomorrow of the results; their willingness to serve is greatly appreciated.

The meeting was closed with prayer.