International Student Information

Admission Requirements

  • Academic ability and interest (minimum “C” average or better)
  • Self-discipline and motivation
  • Ability to establish priorities and carry them through
  • Emotional maturity needed to adjust to a new language and culture
  • Willingness to abide by the school code and United States laws
  • A respect for the American culture and religious nature of this school

Admission Information

  • International students will make-up a maximum of 10% of the high school enrollment. The high school principal reserves the right to allow enrollment of additional students above the 10% rule in certain circumstances. Junior High enrollment will be as each Principal requests.
  • International students will make-up 10% of enrollment for each grade. The high school principal reserves the right to make exceptions to the rule.
  • To receive a diploma from Lynden Christian School, the International student must begin attending our school no later than their 11th grade year. Students are allowed to transfer from another US school for their 12th grade year and receive a diploma if they have already studied for one year in the United States.
  • Students must have at least a 2.0 average from previous schooling to be considered for admission. The iTEP slate will be taken in the home country and be required for admissions.
  • While Lynden Christian prefers that international students profess a Christian faith to be admitted to our school, students who are respectful to the Christian faith and open to learning about Christianity will be admitted. Even if a student does not profess to be a Christian, he or she must take all required Bible classes, attend Chapels with a good attitude, and attend church or youth group with his or her host families. Students who do not profess to be Christians may not actively try to convert other students to their faith. The school will also respect the beliefs the student has from their culture and or country.
  • Students can apply for admission to Lynden Christian School by working with an agent or through parents. Lynden Christian however may sign contracts with agents but nor exclusive contracts. At present we and do not pay commission to agents. All fees for an agent must be paid by the student.

Programs and Activities

English Language Learner (ELL)

In the ELL program (English Language Learners) at Lynden Christian High School, English proficiency is evaluated at admission and students are placed in the appropriate level of English study. Subsequently, students will be able to finish the ESL program when they meet a level of proficiency determined by the International Program Director. Mathematical ability is also evaluated at admission and students are placed in the appropriate level Math program. All International students have the option to audit their classes in the first semester until they have developed sufficient proficiency in English. At the end of each semester, students will be evaluated to determine their continued eligibility for ESL.


It is required that every international student earn 200 points per year in extracurricular activities. There are several clubs, sports teams, community activities where each student may earn the required points per year. These opportunities help each student learn the American culture and practice speaking English.


The International Program Director is available for help in any matters related to the host family, documents, or adjustment to life in America. Students are welcome to drop in the Program Director’s office for visits. An informal progress report is given halfway through each nine-week quarter. These reports are sent to the student’s host family and guardian.