International Student Program

Welcome to Lynden Christian Schools!  We are so honored that you are interested in our International Student Program.  If you have questions, please email our high school principal, Craig Johnson.

Lynden Christian High School is located on a 40-acre campus in Lynden, Washington. Students enjoy a secure, non-violent, drug-free atmosphere, where they can see their academic potential realized as well as develop wholesome and long-lasting friendships. Each year we have a diverse body of students who attend from several Asian countries.

Admission Criteria

Lynden Christian High School is looking for internationals students who will respect that we are a private religious school and attend Bible classes and church to fully understand our Christian community.  We also are looking for students who are serious about academic excellence and want to further their education in the United States.

Students must demonstrate:

  • Academic ability and interest (minimum “C” average or better)
  • Self discipline
  • Ability to establish priorities and carry them through
  • Emotional maturity needed to adjust to a new language and culture
  • Willingness to abide by the school code and United States laws
  • Admission Dates

Standard Admission:

Late August for the Fall or “first” semester

Late January for the Spring or “second” semester

Applications are accepted throughout the year. However, a minimum of three months should be allowed for document processing before an anticipated arrival date. Students should plan to arrive at least one week before the actual start of classes. Applicants for Fall semester should plan to have all documents in our office by June 1. Applicants for Spring semester should have all documents in our office by October 1. As a new semester approaches, every effort will be made to process applications as quickly as possible. Failure to submit all the required documents will delay the processing of the application.

Host Families

Lynden Christian School is a family-oriented school, and each student is required to live with a family. International students who are not living with their families are placed with Christian host families who are screened and approved by the school. The Program Director and Board makes the final decision on where students are placed. Students and host families are matched as closely as possible in interest, temperaments and specific requests. However, often placement is based upon availability of families. Students will not always be placed in the exact situation they would like to be in. Sometimes students may have to live in a home where another international student lives. The best effort will be made to ensure a student gets to live in his or her own room. Students and families need to talk to the Program Director about any change in host family placement. Students do not get to make arrangements for a living situation on their own. Outside of Lynden Christian host families, students may only live with blood relatives. After the placement, the Program Director meets regularly with students and hosts to ensure the best possible experience for both. Students are encouraged to participate in as many family activities as possible and respect host parents as if they were the student’s own parents.

As we are a Christian school, our students, their families, and host families must acknowledge and be willing to work within the school’s Statement of Faith. Students are expected to attend church with their host family. Please see the “Expectations for Host Families” page in the Application Forms.

Credit Transfers

Qualifying courses presented on transcripts will be accepted for credit transfer. The number and types of transferable course credits, as well as English and Math proficiency (determined by entrance testing), will decide the final grade level and class placement of the student at admission.

Tuition and Fees

For new students, the F-1 visa processing fee and a non-refundable tuition deposit of one-third (1/3) of the first semester’s tuition must be paid before I-20 paperwork and acceptance letters are issued. If a student is unable to get an F-1 visa approved, then the tuition deposit will be returned. The rejection letter from the embassy must be shown as proof to get a refund. The tuition deposit will not be refunded if the student chooses to change schools before starting at Lynden Christian Schools.

International Student Application Fee $1,000 (one-time only; includes F-1 Visa Processing Fee)
High School Tuition $17,029 

Application Fee

The Application Fee covers the cost of an application evaluation, document preparation, and courier express return of acceptance documents. Application fees are payable at the time the application is presented. They are not refundable unless the school is unable to accept the application. (Application fees remain non-refundable if the application is accepted but the student is unable to obtain the appropriate Visa).


Tuition includes all regular coursework. Tuition must be paid before the student is allowed to enter classes for that semester. Once the student has entered classes, the tuition for that semester has been committed to teachers and supplies and is non-refundable. Tuition refunds will be made for semesters paid for but not yet begun. Tuition includes access to ELL services as needed. The iTEP SLATE test taken in home country will help make the Program Director make English placement. The student will only be allowed to leave ELL classes once the Program Director has given approval. Tuition also includes access to the International Coordinator for academic and personal counseling as needed. Each student is responsible for these additional costs: textbooks, sports, standardized testing fees, field trips, band, orchestra, sports uniforms, special lunches, social functions, and other events that are optional.

Textbook and class/lab fees

Students lease their textbooks at the beginning of the year, and books must be returned for credit. If a book is not returned, the student must pay for the cost of replacement. A few classes require a small lab or material fee.

Host Family Fees

The Host Family Fee covers lodging, food (when prepared at home), and transportation to and from school if a bus is not available. The student is responsible for their own costs for tutoring, long-distance telephone, internet, medical care, private music lessons, entertainment, clothing, special foods, cosmetics, and TOEFL and SAT testing.


All international students are required to purchase student health insurance for accident and illness through Lynden Christian School. Lynden Christian partners with a health insurance provider and all international students must use our insurance provider. Students must use our health insurance plan to be enrolled in school (see fee schedule) unless they can prove adequate insurance through an agency.

Method of Payment

Tuition and insurance fees must be wired to Lynden Christian School; however, all other fees must be paid in cash upon the student’s arrival to Lynden Christian School.

International Students Programs & Activities

English Language Learner (ELL)

In the ESL Program (English as a Second Language) at Lynden Christian High School, English proficiency is evaluated at admission and students are placed in the appropriate level of English study. Subsequently, students will be able to finish the ESL program when they meet a level of proficiency determined by the International Program Director. Mathematical ability is also evaluated at admission and students are placed in the appropriate level Math program. All International students have the option to audit their classes in the first semester until they have developed sufficient proficiency in English. At the end of each semester, students will be evaluated to determine their continued eligibility for ESL.


Students are required to participate in one extra-curricular activity at Lynden Christian High School. These activities include a wide variety of sports, drama, music, as well as service opportunities. Each student will choose one activity from the list below:

Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Yearlong Activities

  • Cross Country
  • Girls Soccer
  • Football
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Cheerleading
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Boys Baseball
  • Girls Fastpitch
  • Track
  • Boys Soccer
  • Band/Pep Band
  • Choir
  • Drama
  • Orchestra
  • Yearbook
  • Student government


The International Program Director is available for help in any matters related to the host family, documents, or adjustment to life in America. Students are welcome to drop in the Program Director’s office for visits. An informal progress report is given halfway through each nine-week quarter. These reports are sent to the student’s host family and guardian.

Interested in Hosting an International Student?

Thirty students from other countries experienced American life and culture at Lynden Christian School this year.

A few of our students are graduating in June, but most of them are returning next semester. We will welcome them back if we have a home for each one. Yours might be the very best home for one of these students, and you are invited to ask the Lord if this is a ministry He is giving to you. The questions and answers below may satisfy some of your curiosity about hosting.

What are the international students like?
The students are as diverse as the children in our homes. Most of the students currently applying to study here are from Asia, predominantly China, South Korea, and Taiwan. They are intent on getting a western education. Some come as inquirers of Christianity, all come as God’s creation. There is no one predominant personality common to the international students.

What do I provide for an international student?
You provide a room, a bed, closet/dresser space, a desk or quiet place to study, food, transportation to and from school, and the love and guidance you would provide for your own child.

What about tuition? Clothing? Other expenses?
Tuition is paid by the parents of the international student, and those arrangements are made directly between the school and the student’s parents. Students usually open a bank account here and pay for their own clothing, special cosmetics, hair cuts, extracurricular activities, and entertainment costs.

What about medical care?
Each student is required to have medical insurance coverage when they register at LCS. In case of a medical emergency, the student may be taken to the doctor of your choice or, of course, the nearest emergency care center. Any out-of-pocket medical costs are the student’s responsibility.

Must I provide special foods?
The student is expected to eat what your family normally eats; however, it is part of the fun to experiment with international foods and introduce each other to a new cuisine. If the student requires unusual foods, those would also be his or her responsibility to purchase. Of course, if your entire family dines out, it would naturally be expected that you would include the student.

Is a host family paid anything?
You would receive a per semester stipend to cover your room and board costs. Students pay per semester.

How long will the student live with me?
Most families commit to a year, but there have been circumstances that require an earlier change. Often there is potential for a host family to host the same student for several years as many of our students come to get a high school diploma from Lynden Christian School. At the end of every year, every host family and student can re-evaluate.

Do I sign an agreement? Does the student sign an agreement?
Yes, both the hosts and the students sign an agreement. See Host Family Agreement Form and Student Home Stay Agreement Form below to see what these include.

What about transportation to and from school?
Students ride the school bus if possible. Of course, they may walk if close enough to school. Driving a student would be required if bus service is not available. Each family also does their best to accommodate the extracurricular activities, as you would normally do with your own child. Most students do not have a driver’s license, and those who do are not allowed to drive the host family car.

What if I have to leave home for an overnight?
If you must travel without the international student, the student may not stay in your home for the duration of your trip, unless there is an adult present overnight. You may either ask a friend or relative to stay with the student, or the student may stay in someone else’s home, such as a friend or family friend, if arrangements are made with the adults who will be responsible.

What if there are problems with the student’s behavior?
If you are unable to resolve a matter with a student, you are invited to communicate with the High School Principal, and together decide what course of action to take. If there are special academic needs, these are addressed by the Special Academic Services director.

How do I become a host family?
Complete and return the Host Family Application to Mr. Craig Johnson, High School Principal, at the address below.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Craig Johnson
High School Principal
Lynden Christian School
417 Lyncs Drive
Lynden, WA 98264
(360) 318-9525 Option 3