September 2019 School Board Summary

Lynden Christian Board of Directors Summary – September 10, 2019

Bryan VanLoo read a devotion based on James 5:11 – Blessed are those who endure. A stubborn mule was stuck in a well, but one shovel at a time brought him up out of his predicament. Pray for perseverance to endure hardships.

Spanish Immersion parents and principal Glen Hendricks joined the school board for a round table discussion. There are numerous claimed benefits – including brain development at an early age, strengthening of cognitive abilities, and global perspective. Unfortunately, the current building situation for Evergreen is not great – especially at the end of a cul-de-sac. A blended campus is a much better situation.

Jeany Aupperlee presented the Inclusion Task Force final report; the report included numerous recommendations for consideration. The admin team will reformat the recommendations into proposals for changes/additions to policy for consideration by the board.

The board approved to relaunch the campus site plan task force to further develop possible future layouts.

CTE fundraising donations have surpassed the originally approved proposal amount. Additional equipment and building upgrades have been proposed. The board approved additional spending as the funds become available.

The meeting was closed with prayer.