Reduce your tuition as you shop!

Families from both the Lynden and Bellingham campuses of Lynden Christian Schools have a wonderful opportunity to bank tuition rebates through a program called "T.R.I.P." (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program).  The school buys scrip (gift cards/ certificates) from businesses at a discount and passes a 4% or 10% savings along to families in the form of tuition reduction.

Who can participate in this program?

The program is available to everyone!  That's right - parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors can participate.  In fact, to boost their rebate level, many families sell scrip to friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Some companies choose to give employees gift cards as holiday bonuses.  Churches purchase scrip for diaconate and benevolent giving, and then use their earned rebates to offset LCS tuition costs for their own congregation's families.

Can the rebate be saved for future use?

Yes.  Although rebates earn no interest and have no cash value, participants may save rebates indefinitely.  This is especially helpful to couples who, though they have not yet begun their families, have an interest in saving for Christian education.

How is the rebate paid out?

Families with tuition bills will see a credit on their statements twice yearly - November and May.  Families with no tuition accounts at LC receive one annual statement in January giving the balance being held under their name.  If participants have designated a church as a recipient, the church Board will be given discretion as to disbursement.

How are recipients designated?

Each order form has a place to indicate how you would like rebates to be allocated. Y ou are given three choices:
  • SAME:  You want to earn rebates for your family's current or future use
  • OTHER:  You may list a particular family; or, indicate LCS as a recipient for scholarship, needy families, capital expansion projects, the Endowment Fund

I live out of state. How can I use these?

Most gift cards can be used nationwide in stores or for on-line/internet purchases. As it is difficult to answer this question for every situation, we recommend you purchase a small amount and "experiment" with the usage that interests you.

How do I Purchase TRIP?

Order forms are available online (in the left hand column) or at the LCS Central Office. 

All orders must be pre-paid and delivered to "LCS-TRIP, 417 Lyncs Drive, Lynden, WA 98264." 

Orders submitted by 4:00 pm on Wednesdays will be processed and available for pick-up the following Thursday at 10:00 am or anytime thereafter during business hours.

Lost gift cards cannot be replaced or refunded.

CAN’T WAIT?  INSTANT PURCHASE OPTIONS YEAR-ROUND!  From 3:00-7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of any month or from 8:00-8:59 am any Thursday morning, scrip cards are available for immediate purchase at the Central Office (use side door).

Participating Businesses
Local Rebate Partners

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Ellen Korthuis at