Elementary Librarian

When I graduated from Lynden Christian High School in 1998, I thought for sure I was headed way up North after college! Life is funny though, with surprises around every corner. Because after earning my BA in Elementary Education from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2003, I moved to Missouri and worked as a K-6 organized games teacher, preschool teacher, and a library page. I returned here in 2008 with an incredible husband, and now three children. Somewhere up north there is an empty igloo, but I'm having too much fun here to worry about it! I have worked as an aide at Lynden Christian, primarily in Language Arts, since my return. My family lives in Yellowstone National Park in the summer, where I work in a backcountry office, and my husband as a police officer. Our family attends Third Christian Reformed Church. I enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, rollerblading, reading, and of course, aiding!


krast [at] lyncs.org
(360) 354-3358