Senior English, AP Literature, AP Language

Jeff Thomas graduated from Aurora University (BA, English) and worked for two years at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy before pursuing his Master's Degree at Fuller Theological Seminary (MA Theology, '96). After serving as a church planter for 7 years (Hope Community Church, Lynnwood) and working part-time at King's High School, Jeff returned to the classroom full-time at LC in 2001.

In 2010, Jeff and science teacher Colleen Unema became the first-ever Lynden Christian teachers to achieve National Board Teaching Certification, and during his time at LC, Jeff has been a strong advocate for technology in the classroom; in 2003, he was awarded the Teacher Leadership Grant (Bill Gates Grant), and since then has been awarded the 2004 (Adobe) Gifts in Kind Grant, the Best Buy Te@ch Award (2004, 2006), and has been honored with grants from private organizations for his educational leadership. Jeff always looks for new opportunities to broaden the scope of his classroom through grants, professional conferences (he is an official AP Reader and has served on the AP Test Advisory Committee), and traveling opportunities that deepen his understanding of his discipline and opens his classroom up to new and exciting educational and cultural possibilities.

Outside the classroom, Jeff works as a coach both at school (basketball and baseball) and in the community. He also serves as a part-time Pastor of Teaching and Discipleship at First Reformed Church in Lynden. He spends much of his free-time writing -- he was a runner-up in the 2005 National Paraclete Press Fiction Contest, and he worked as a ghost-writer for Random House and Water Brook Press. 




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