Critical thinking with a Biblical worldview.

We nurture the knowledge of our God as revealed in Scripture and in creation. We desire that our students know and love Christ with their whole heart and mind through everything they read, study, and consider. Our goal of integrating intelligence, inquiry, faith, and compassion helps them critically discern the forces that shape culture in order that they might be a Christian influence in our world.

Every child challenged and engaged every day.

Teachers at Evergreen strive to track each child’s academic progress and then adjust content, pacing, and outcomes to match individual needs. It is not uncommon for each student in a class to be working on something uniquely crafted for him or her. We believe differences are God-given to enrich all of us.

Educational excellence.

We are a state-approved, privately-accredited school whose curriculum is aligned with Washington State standards. All teachers are certified, equipped, innovative, and therefore able to be creative with children and best learning practices. In addition to the required basics:

  • Spanish language classes
  • Fine and performing arts programs -offering a number of opportunities for K-8 in General Music, Band, Choir, Dance, and Art.

Co-curricular activities.

Because we are a campus of Lynden Christian Schools, we join other students for the California Math-Science trip and Sixth Grade Outdoor Education. We also retain flexibility for fieldtrips and after-school clubs of our own.

Athletic participation.

As part of a larger school community we are able to offer athletic opportunities for our middle school students in football, cross-country, softball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track. High caliber coaching allows us to compete with other schools throughout Whatcom County.


Students interact often between grade levels through deliberate lesson plans, buddy systems, chapel, and celebrations. Our school has a reputation for promoting togetherness among and between students, staff, and families.


Every student is encouraged to live for others and respect God’s creation. Through service within the school and in the outside community we challenge everyone to live out the purpose of their education: to be effective instruments of God, with hearts of compassion and mercy.


At this point in our history we are called to the stewardship of sharing our building and grounds with a local church. We have access to large classrooms, a gymnasium, the sanctuary, a chapel, library, technology lab, and playground.


Unusual for a private school, we have busing routes (some limitations) that are customized yearly to service our individual families’ needs.