Attendance Policy

We cannot stress enough the importance of students arriving at school on time in order to start the day with their class at 8:30 am. Student tardies and absences not only interrupt their own learning, but often the learning of others. To contact us to let us know if your child will be late or absent you can call the school 738-8248 or email both the teacher and attendance. We have a new email address specifically for attendance:


For Spring Creek  Campus students: if your child arrives after 8:30 am, you (as a parent) must check them in at the office before they head off to class. They will need a slip to give to their teacher.

For Cordata Campus students: if your child arrives after 8:30 am, you (as a parent) must check them in at the classroom using his/her teacher’s procedure.


If  it is unavoidable, and your child needs to leave early for an appointment, you (as a parent) must come in to the office to check them out as well as check them back in when bringing them back to school. Please let us know in advance as well.

Excused Absences:

Illnesses, medical appointments that cannot be scheduled before or after school, and/or family emergencies. Call the school before 8:30 am, or email the teacher and attendance before 8:30 am to excuse your child.

Prearranged and Approved Extended Absence:

Complete and turn in a ‘Parent Request for Student Absence’ form well in advance of the absence.

End of Day Transportation Changes:

If your typical transportation schedule changes (bus stop changes or persons picking up), that change needs to be communicated to the school.

For Spring Creek: contact the office by 2:00 pm either by phone or email. Be sure you receive a reply- either you spoke to someone on the phone or you receive a reply via email. This is the only way to be sure the message was received. If emailing, email both the teacher and Amy.

For Cordata: contact the administrative assistant, Janet Drew at 360-988-9850.