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Ludden Memorial Scholarships – 4/26/18   Six one-time $1,000 awards available to LCHS seniors (may be divided into $500 awards). Two scholarship types : 1) Vocational-technical or two-year non-transfer community college program; 2) Four-year or two-year transfer degree. One award requirement is a connection to agriculture through school activities, work in an agricultural setting or other personal involvement in agriculture. Other criteria dependent upon scholarship. Return application to Mrs. Van Loo. Vo-Tech/CC-non-transfer degree application   Four-year/two-year transfer degree application

John Fassett Memorial Scholarship – 4/27/18 - Scholarship available to graduating Whatcom County HS seniors who will be entering a vocational-technical, community college, or 4-year college in the fall of 2018.  $500. Based significantly on community service activities, volunteering and character.  Other considerations include recommendations, academics, and career plans.  Sponsored by American Legion Riders, Post 7.  Application

Matt Herzog Memorial Scholarship - 4/30/2018 - For a student who plans to attend an accredited Washington State college/university full-time in the 2018-2019 year and who plans to pursue a career in law enforcement, criminal justice or a related field. Based on essay, recommendations, academics and participation in school and community activities. One $2,000 award. Application

Nick Spoelstra Memorial Scholarship – 4/30/18 -  Scholarship available to a graduating LCHS senior who plans to continue his/her education at a technical, two-year or four-year college. Based on career goals, essay, and school, community and agricultural involvements. $1,200. Return application to Mrs. Van Loo. Application

Whatcom County Farm Bureau Scholarships – 4/30/18 - Scholarships available to graduating Whatcom County high school seniors or current college undergraduates who are Whatcom County Farm Bureau members or a son, daughter, or legal dependent of a member. Awards designated for students who will attend a four-year, two-year or technical college full time in the 2018-2019 school year. Based on academics, character references and essays addressing the importance of Farm Bureau, career ambitions, and leadership. Information and Application    

R.B. LeCocq Foundation Memorial Scholarships – 5/2/18 - Four-year renewable and one-year scholarships available to both LCHS and LHS graduating seniors who plan to attend a four-year college. Based on academics, involvement in and contribution to your school, church and community. Consideration will also be given to your work experiences, the awards and honors you have received, and your future school and career plans.   Application

BAI Environmental Services LC Industry and Trades Scholarship – 5/3/18 - Scholarship available to a graduating LCHS senior who plans to attend a 4-year, 2-year, or vocational college and pursue a career in the trades. Based on recommendation, essay on why you desire to pursue a career in the trades, vo-tech classes taken, school and community activities, employment experience, and academics. $500 Return completed application to Mrs. Van Loo.   Application

2018 Kiwanis Youth Law Enforcement Camp – 5/6/18 - Summer opportunity for 15-18 year old students who have completed 10th or 11th grade, to explore the many facets of the law enforcement field during a weeklong camp, held July 22-28, 2018. Requirements : interested in a criminal justice career, 2.5 GPA, good physical condition, two teacher recommendations. Space is limited to 26 students.    Information  

Lynden Breakfast Kiwanis Club Scholarships - 5/8/18 - Two $500 scholarship available to graduating LCHS seniors who plan to attend a vocational technical or community college, and pursue a specific trade or enroll in a certificate program. Based on hard work, good citizenship, community, school, employment experiences and career plans. Return applications to Mrs. Van Loo.  Application

Whatcom County Youth Soccer Scholarships – 5/15/18 - For graduating high school soccer players and referees who have participated in the Whatcom County Youth Soccer Association and who have been accepted to a technical, community or four-year college. 3.O GPA required. Based primarily on soccer involvement and recommendations. $1500 scholarship each to one boy and girl.  Information and Application

BigSun Scholarship – 6/19/18  Scholarship available to senior who will be pursuing further schooling after high school and who has participated in athletics. Essay required how sports has impacted your life and influenced your career goals. $500   Information 

4-H and FFA Washington Dairy Community Scholarships - 7/15/18 - For FFA and/or 4-H juniors and seniors who are involved with dairy cattle and who exhibit excellence in academics, leadership, and passion for the dairy community and community service. Two scholarships of $1,000 and 750 for juniors and two for seniors.  Application

Aspiring Nurse Scholarship – 8/31/18 - Scholarship available to high school seniors who plan to pursue a college education in nursing, including LPN / LVN, ADN, and BSN programs. $1,000 award to an aspiring nurse who best demonstrates: a track record of academic excellence, particularly in science and mathematics and a passion for the nursing profession and the overall field of healthcare.   Information and Application   

Imagine America Foundation Scholarships  - 12/31/2018   Up to five $1,000 scholarships available to graduating LCHS seniors who will enter a program at specific career colleges. Based on academics (2.5 GPA required), financial need and demonstrated voluntary community service in senior year. Information and Application 

Do-It (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, Technology) Scholars Summer Program at the University of Washington  For Sophomores and Juniors with a learning difference, disability or health impairment who would like to attend college. One-to-two week summer program exploring college life, careers and adaptive technology. Priority is given to students who submit applications before January 30.  Information and Application   Print application also available from Mrs. Van Loo.