Lynden Christian Board of Directors and Admin Retreat Summary – October 1, 2018

Chaplain James Ogle spoke about typology. When Jesus appeared on the road after resurrection – types and shadows were explained throughout scriptures. One example given was Abraham being willing to sacrifice his only son. God always has a plan.

Captain Doug Kunzman spoke on the topic of leadership. He recounted a number of his experiences in leadership roles in the US Navy. He feels that a statement of core values is critical for providing direction and making decisions.

The Charter Oak survey was given to parents and students; the Best Christian Workplaces Institute survey was given to staff. Results from both surveys were reviewed; trends were identified and action plans were created.

We reviewed the progress that has been made on the Strategic Plan over the past years. We discussed gaps that remain and identified priorities for the coming year.


Lynden Christian Board of Directors Summary – October 1, 2018

The second theme to improve the culture of LC as well as helping to fulfill the mission of LC is “leadership”. Some opportunities were explored for improvement and accountability.

Dan Gibson gave an update on the new Board Development Committee. Their second meeting will be held in October where they will begin the process of identifying potential board member nominees for next year.

Prayer requests were shared, and the meeting was closed with prayer.