Lynden Christian Board of Directors Summary – September 11, 2018

Dan T. shared James 1:2-4 and a selection from the book “Spiritual Parenting”. As parents, we have a desire to keep children from pain, but we know that it produces growth.

Paul presented a document for strategy research that can be used to delve into difficult problems; it is based on the Deming lean thinking PDCA cycle.

Plans were made for the annual Board and Administration retreat that will be held in October at the new meeting facility called Gatherings (formerly Grandiflora).

Two consultants from Charter Oak called into the board meeting to review the parent and student surveys that were given back in May/June. The results showed some areas where we are doing well and other areas that need improvement. We plan to review the results further at the retreat in October.

Action plans to improve board/staff communications were reviewed; small steps are being made to improve the culture of LC as well as helping to fulfill the mission of LC. Next month the topic of leadership will be discussed.

Prayer requests were shared, and the meeting was closed with prayer.