Dale opened with devotions.  Sharing about what he learned on a recent fishing trip.  As he was fishing he was strategizing how to catch fish by bending and changing lures to be better and more effective.  Like God uses things, like being on the board, to change and shape us to better serve Him.  Ephesians 2:8

New Board Members Lori TeVelde, Becky Bos, and Dan Gibson introduced themselves to the board.

Board members from the Board Nomination Committee presented a proposal to help make the nomination process smoother.  The board voted to approve the proposal.

The board was updated on the budget from the Finance Committee and discussion was had on ways to improve budget planning in the future.

The board recently did self-evaluations.  The results were discussed and will be shared with the Board Development Committee, so they can create some Board learning and development.  The Board Development Committee has been established and will hope to start in September. Dan Gibson will chair the committee.  Also, on the Committee is Kevin DeYoung, Mike Schoneveld, Donna VanderGriend, and Stephanie Harvey.

Board Officers were selected by Board nomination and voted on with written ballots.   Those selected for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year are: President will be Dan Turner, Vice President will be Bryan VanLoo, Treasurer will be Frank DeVries, Secretary will be Michael TerBeek, Asst. Treasurer will be Josh Levien and Asst. Secretary will be Winerva Kramer. 

Retiring Board members shared some thoughts with the Board and then where allowed to leave the meeting.  Jacob lead a prayer for the new board.

Action plans to improve board/staff communications were created to help continue to improve the culture of LC as well as to help all fulfill the mission of LC.